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What is Attiora

This is a section where you can get acquainted with Attiora, with our aspirations, strategies and values.

Investing with Attiora is a process that can radically change your life for the better. By investing in our company, you will receive a stable and very high profit every day, increasing your own wealth.

Our plans for the future, a development strategy for several years ahead, how we work and what we suggest in whole you can find out by reading this section.

Development strategy
Road map

In this section you will be able to get out the most of our plans for future development.

A small excursion during the beginning of the idea and the transformation of a promising startup into the commercially attractive business project in the form of a successful investment trading company.

Our strategic vision and planning of growth prospects, earning methods and progressive evolution of business directions, as well as ways to improve services and increase profit for investors.


Here you can explore in detail all of our technologies used by Attiora in generating profits.

Description of the process of applying of our unique developments used by the company’s specialists to ensure that the profit of customers is not just stable, but constantly growing in the framework of cooperation.

Understanding what serves as the sources of profit, as well as describing the main processes that make the investment process with us reliable for an investor with any level of trained.


Examine documents provided to Attiora by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Full and open access to documents confirming the state registration and relevant legislative licensing of Attiora.

Transparency and legitimacy of the company’s business and, as a result, absolute predictability and security of cooperation with Attiora at any stage of investment and partnership with each of our clients.

For partners
Our successfulness is the result of systematic scientific and technical business planning
Development strategy

We are proud that our company is a successful business enterprise, capable of solving the most difficult tasks to generate the maximum possible profit for all interested parties. In many ways, we were able to achieve such business indicators and successes thanks to competent and professional strategic planning of our actions.

We always strive to be leaders and strategic planning of our development for years to come helps us not only in our aspirations, but also makes our company and our business transparent and predictable.

Investors love it

  • Investors value the transparency and predictability most in investment trading companies.

  • Reliability, which is due to the professionalism and competence of the strategic planning process.

Growth of macro indicators


Back in 2011, realizing Bitcoin’s huge potential, Josef Moravec began to form a circle of new specialists around himself and already in 2017 a team of traders was formed, the hard work of which was rewarded with the trust of serious investors in 2018. From this moment, the development of the startup idea has been went in a new direction, powerfully and successfully.

The head of the traders group Josef Moravec was able to significantly increase the investment portfolio of the group by attracting additional investments from investors of Australia. This strategic decision was able to significantly strengthen the position of the traders team under the leadership of Josef Moravec and allowed to begin the systematic development of the customer base.

It was decided to develop a startup concept focused on the maximum coverage of trading directions for the subsequent formation of main business areas.

The Doctrine of the Future

  • Developing the concept of trading tools and a new vision of the business model of the future startup.

  • Creation of basic software algorithms for its further development and application with trading processes.

Investment progressivity


The startup was created, which was given the name Attiora. The task of the startup was to perform financial management in relation to investments of individuals and investment funds in Australia. For the first time, a mention of Attiora appeared on the startup exchange as an investment project that accepted money from investors and investment funds for the subsequent management of these funds.

The startup Attiora from the first days of operation began to show impressive success indicators, which did not go unnoticed by the business angels fund of Czech, which was managed by Zdenek Moravec.

Development assistance

  • Attiora startup received 10 million for further development of business concept and software trading products.

  • A package of algorithms has been developed for predictive analysis of exchange fluctuations.

A new approach to investing


Consistently following the strategic plan to create the most efficient trading business, as well as based on the experience of conducting real trading sessions and concluding exchange transactions, Josef Moravec began to form a team capable of fully working and profiting within a large trading company.

At the forming the team core, were taken into account factors of professionalism, the presence of real trading experience, stress resistance, as well as the ability to learn and to work under pressure.

The team core creating

  • The formation of a team consisting of more than 150 like-minded people capable of solving a trading problem of any complexity.

  • Strengthening the position of Attiora startup and new steps in the direction of promising types of trading.

2021 1st Q

Investments in the amount of $10 million provided for the development of Attiora startup by the Czech business angels fund were reinvested, since Attiora was able to demonstrate a significant positive trend in profit growth in relation to these investments during the previous reporting period.

Contract renewal

  • The business angels fund of Czech extended the contract for cooperation and support, guided by the significant positive growth in the main indicators of the business attractiveness of Attiora.

  • The working capital was consolidated and the funds received by Attiora were reorganized in the form of net profit from the business.

2021 2nd Q

Transforming a promising startup into the fully formed commercial company. Attiora appeared in a new light after the startup transformed a new successful trading enterprise. This was possible after the Australian Securities & Investment Commission had provided all official documents showing that Attiora was now an official company and that all its activities were now fully governed by Australian law.

New opportunities

  • Creation of an investment trading online platform for investors from all over the world.

  • Expanding investment opportunities not only for funds and organizations, but also for individuals.

Global investments

2021 3rd Q

Maximizing the use of international resources and creating a new direction for the formation of additional investment flows. Among the measures that can provide this intention of the company is to achieve the number of active investors of at least 50,000, which amounts to a doubling of the number of investors compared to the already formed block of investors, the number of which exceeded 25,000.

Creation of a division whose efforts will be aimed at expanding the geography of the company’s representatives and its investors.

Global expansion

  • Doubling the number of company partners by increasing the globality of Attiora services.

  • Add new versions of the company website that are made using foreign languages.

  • Creation of company support branches focused on providing consulting to investors from Europe and Asia.

International growth

2021 4th Q

Increasing the globality of the company’s services and products by expanding investment opportunities. At the same time, special attention should be paid to the fact that new investment opportunities, as well as existing services and products of the company, should be available to investors with any level of preparation and with any level of investment accessibility.

The creation of additional to existing ones, as well as the development and implementation of completely new partner programs and related services in the process of cooperation.

Extending boundaries

  • To establish contacts on an ongoing basis with the formed core of the company’s leaders.

  • The beginning of support for the structures of such leaders in the form of the provision of investment grants for development.

  • Humanitarian and educational seminars, congresses and offline presentations sponsored by Attiora.

Investing in the future


Taking into account the wishes of the partners and the opinions of the competent specialists of the company, will done the first of the planned platform upgrades. At the same time, special attention should be paid to the automation of financial processes. In particular, the process of filling up and withdrawing money.

Improved parameters

  • Creating wallets on the basis of the platform for storing cryptocurrency in a personal account for which a reward will be provided in the form of accruing profit on the balance of funds.

  • Creation of partner offices and Attiora information centers around the world.

  • Development of the concept of the international courier service the Attiora Logistic.

Efficiency Increasing


Developing a business concept and start creating of our own ATR token based on ERC20.

Thus, the company begins the expansion of its own assets, which, according to leading experts, will extremely positively affect the company’s overall investment rating and its attractiveness at the global investment market.

Commercial ecosystem

  • Provide customers with a package of investment products consisting of 14 offers.

  • Provide customers with a package of partner services consisting of partner programs of the following types: linear, binary and p2p.

  • Expanding the types of both investment and financial management by introducing such activities into the company’s commercial monitoring as: advanced technologies, betting, drones, energy storage systems, space technologies.

New types of investment


Issue of ATR own token to cryptocurrency exchanges of the world. At the same time, will be created its own trading platform, specializing exclusively in cryptocurrency transactions with a small number of types cryptocurrency which are leaders in the world volatility rating. This will make it possible to increase the efficiency of the trading platform and start promoting ATR.

Exchange evolution

  • Running an initial IPO, in which the value of Attiora shares will be partially related to the value of ATR, which will allow the company to significantly increase capitalization in the shortest possible time.

  • The creation of the Attiora BA corp business angels fund, the purpose of which, in addition to generating investment profits, will be to help and promote promising startups on a commercial basis.

  • Development of improved software for the trading platform.

Progressive vision


Increasing the list of stock exchange instruments that are used at the performing transactions on the new trading platform. This will expand the functionality of the platform and make the response to real-time exchange changes even shorter, which will allow to conclude more deals per unit time.

In addition, it is planned to upgrade the platform for automatic deal opening processes for spot and margin trading by providing appropriate improved software.

Commercial improvements

Creating related business directions:

  • Start of Attiora Pay payment system.

  • Start Attiora Rental Car car sharing service.

  • Start of the international courier service Attiora Logistic.

  • Opening a brokerage company providing brokerage services to third parties on a commercial basis.

New image of business


Increasing the number of trading instruments to 30. This will allow the company to participate in almost all commercially significant trading areas and thereby consolidate profit in even larger amounts.

Implementation of new approaches to cryptocurrency trading, based on the applying of quantum systems of predictive analysis.

Time for new ideas

  • Developing a new Attiora strategic development plan for the next 8 years.

  • Buying shares of leading companies in the aerospace industry and energy efficiency.

  • Development of the project of the international business center Attiora International Home.

  • Investment in the construction of new territories in the waters of the World Ocean and the development of the Arctic shelf.

  • Development of the Attiora Family project for investors who want to improve their own skills.

Time of new accomplishments

Planning strategy

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