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What is Attiora

This is a section where you can get acquainted with Attiora, with our aspirations, strategies and values.

Investing with Attiora is a process that can radically change your life for the better. By investing in our company, you will receive a stable and very high profit every day, increasing your own wealth.

Our plans for the future, a development strategy for several years ahead, how we work and what we suggest in whole you can find out by reading this section.

Development strategy
Road map

In this section you will be able to get out the most of our plans for future development.

A small excursion during the beginning of the idea and the transformation of a promising startup into the commercially attractive business project in the form of a successful investment trading company.

Our strategic vision and planning of growth prospects, earning methods and progressive evolution of business directions, as well as ways to improve services and increase profit for investors.


Here you can explore in detail all of our technologies used by Attiora in generating profits.

Description of the process of applying of our unique developments used by the company’s specialists to ensure that the profit of customers is not just stable, but constantly growing in the framework of cooperation.

Understanding what serves as the sources of profit, as well as describing the main processes that make the investment process with us reliable for an investor with any level of trained.


Examine documents provided to Attiora by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Full and open access to documents confirming the state registration and relevant legislative licensing of Attiora.

Transparency and legitimacy of the company’s business and, as a result, absolute predictability and security of cooperation with Attiora at any stage of investment and partnership with each of our clients.

For partners
Our successfulness is the result of systematic scientific and technical business planning
Our Technologies

Profit earning technologies for our partners brought to a new level of reliability. Our profit earning technologies are a completely new word in the trading area and are innovative products owned exclusively by our company. Here, in the most available as possible form, we describe the main stages of how our profit generation technologies work.

Robotic Trading

The package of software algorithms performs spot and margin trading in an automatic mode, making thousands deals during one trading session.

  • All transactions made using this technology are displayed in the customer’s personal account in the Live trading subsection.

  • There is an ability to watch transactions in real time in accordance to trading scripts of trading session.

Spot Trading (crypto)

Spot bot trading by cryptocurrency funds. A trading bot buys current cryptocurrencies at a low price and instantly sells it at a higher price. In this way, profit is generated. Each day, up to 3420 transactions are made using this technology.

Margin Trading

Margin trading is not performed by bots. Attiora traders make transactions (contracts such as LONG/SHORT) for the purchase and sale of raw materials, precious metals, cryptocurrency, shares, bonds and indexes. Daily, the number of transactions reaches 330. Traders also perform margin trading at Forex using the credit shoulder. The number of transactions reaches 120 per day.

ICO Investments

Attiora analysts make a forecast for the rate of tokens in the time interval of interest and then the trading department of the company acquires tokens waiting to enter the exchange at a discount of 20% -60%. After the tokens enter at the market, Attiora sells these tokens at a price that suits the company and which is within the forecast value interval. The number of transactions per week is 7.

Venture Investments

Attiora makes venture investing in promising startups. Attiora’s analytical department invests and develops them within 3-5 months from the moment of purchase to increase the total market value. After a significant increase in market value due to development and proper management, startups are sold as a ready-made business. The number of such transactions for the quarter varies from 7 to 14.


A client of Attiora can buy shares of the company and profit as a shareholder. The more shares the client buys, the more his stake in the company and, accordingly, higher the profit. By buying Attiora shares, the client invests in the company development and strengthens its position at the market. And thus strengthens his own role in the development of the company and the growth of his own well-being for many years.